Air Freight Sub-Committee

Mr. Gary H.Y. Lau

The Air Freight Sub-Committee undertakes all matters relating to the transportation of goods by air, aiming at efficient and economical air services, as well as the exchange of information and views with organizations relating to the airfreight industry.
China Sub-Committee

Dr. Roy Chung

The China Sub-Committee advises the Executive Council on matters relating to the transportation of goods between Hong Kong and China, with emphasis on freight rates, road charges and infrastructure services.
Education Sub-Committee

Mr. Eric Sun

The Education Sub-Committee oversees the organisation and development of educational courses and seminars of interest and practical benefit to shippers and the members of the cargo transportation industry.
Finance Sub-Committee

Dr. Patrick Lau

The Finance Sub-Committee undertakes the regular review of the Council’s financial standing and advises the Council on fiscal matters.
Membership Sub-Committee

Mr. Simon Wong

The Membership Sub-Committee is responsible for the recruitment of Ordinary and Associate members.
Publications Sub-Committee

Mr. H.Y. Hung

The Publications Sub-Committee oversees the direction and content of the Council’s bi-monthly publication, Shippers Today, to see to it that it serves as a forum for channeling information from the various sectors of the shipping and cargo transportation industry, to the Hong Kong shippers.
Sea Freight Sub-Committee

Mr. Willy Lin

The Sea Freight Sub-Committee advises the Council on all matters relating to shipping, particularly freight rates and import trade by sea, infrastructure and the movement of freight from the PRD and the Hong Kong port.