Comparison on Local Charges for Export Shipments

Terminal Handling Charge (HK dollars)

Documentation Fee (All Trades) (HK dollars)

Ocean/Air Freight ex Hong Kong Surcharges



The cost figures are collected from different sources and are generalized. They are indicative in nature and are for reference only. Shippers should not be abided by them and are free to negotiate with their carriers on all freight charge items including freight rates, freight charges, all surcharges and other charges.


About freight related surcharges and other charges

As a basic principle, shippers should negotiate for all-in freight charges, i.e. inclusive of ocean / intermodal freight rates, all surcharges and other charges, instead of accepting these items separately and/or individually. It should be noted that all surcharges should be temporary in nature and be allowed only under unexpected or unforeseeable circumstances. Once these circumstances cease to exist or stabilize to become part of the general operations, the related surcharges should cease to exist and be incorporated into the basic freight charges subject to open market negotiation.