Council Background

In 1961, The Federation of Hong Kong Industries created the Freight Joint Committee which lead to the creation of the Hong Kong Shippers’ Council in 1967 and became a government-subvented organisation in 1976.

Consisting of 16 trade associations, the Council serves to protect and promote the interests of Hong Kong exporters and importers, traders and manufacturers in matters relating to the transportation of merchandise by sea, land and air.

Additionally, the Council works to maintain a level playing field between shippers and service providers, such as shipping lines, airfreight carriers, logistics service providers and freight forwarders.

The Council represents Hong Kong shippers overseas and is a member of regional and international shippers’ councils, including the Global Shippers’ Alliance, the Asian Shippers’ Alliance, the Asian Shippers’ Council, the Cross Strait Shippers’ Alliance, the Federation of ASEAN Shippers’ Councils (FASC).

Together, these organisations work side-by-side in shaping the regulatory environment on issues relating to the shipping and transportation of goods on a local, regional, and global level.