Services and Activities


The Hong Kong Shippers’ Council was established to protect and promote the interests of its members and Hong Kong shippers in general. They namely convene on matters relating to the transportation of merchandise by sea, land, and air.  

The Council operates under the guidance of an Executive Committee made up of representatives from 16 major trade associations in Hong Kong. It also derives its broad-based representation and membership from these trade associations.   


At a regional and local level, the focus of the Council is to:  

•     Ensure an open and competitive freight market environment  

•     Ensure that government policy and practices are geared towards the interests of  shippers  

•     Ensure that proper infrastructure and facilities serve the present and future needs of shippers and logistics operators  

•     Ensure that carriers’ charges are reasonable, set with sufficient transparency and justification, and subject to proper governance  

•     Ensure that Hong Kong shippers’ voices are represented locally, regionally, and internationally  

The Council achieves these goals through the following actions:

1.   Engagement in the Consultative Mechanism of the HKSAR Government

The Council has representation in several major logistics and transport related government committees and advisory groups, including:  

      •     The Logistics Development Council and its various sub-committees  

•     Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board and its various sub-committees  

•     The Sea Cargo Liaison Group, Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department  

•     The Logistics Industry Training Advisory Group, and the Education Bureau and its various sub-committees   

•     The Tripartite Meeting for Logistics Industry, Labour & Manpower Bureau  

•     The Industry Consultative Network (Logistics), Employee Retraining Board  

•     The Focus Group on Import/Export and Wholesale Trade Manpower Survey, Vocational Training Council  

•     Road Cargo System User Liaison Group  

•     Port Operations Committee 

•     Trade Single Window User Consultation Group  

•     RACSF Scheme Implementation Working Group 

2.   Engagement in Trade, Industrial, and Professional Organisations and Institutes  

The Council closely co-operates with other related organisations and institutes.  

The Council is represented on:  

•     The Shipping and Transport Committee, HKGCC  

•     The Logistics Service Advisory Committee, HKTDC  

•     Transport and Logistics Services Council, FHKI  

•     The Hong Kong Logistics Management Staff Association  

•     Hong Kong-Taiwan Business Co-operation Committee  

•     GBA Logistics & Supply Chain Innovation Alliance 

In their mission to represent the needs of local shippers, the Council is actively engaged with relevant policy makers and bodies, which have the power to formulate and execute legislation that have a bearing on Hong Kong’s logistics industry.  

Furthermore, the Council has also participated in many prominent government-run engagements, so that the requirements of Hong Kong’s shippers are, at the bare minimum, adequately fulfilled.  

The Council participated in discussions on:  

•     Air Cargo Fuel Surcharge  

•     Air Cargo Security Regime Reform  

•     Air Cargo Terminal Charge  

     •     Belt and Road Initiatives  

•     Competition Issues  

•     Free Trade Agreements 

•     Greater Bay Area 

•     IMO2020 Compliance Cost Surcharge 

•     Market Concentration in the Shipping Industry  

•     Minimum Wage 

•     One Port’s Electronic Release Order (eRO) 

•     Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facilities Scheme (RACSF) 

•     Seaport Alliance  

•     Shipping Surcharges  

•     SME Development Fund Project Logistics 4.0   

•     Smart Logistics and Logistics 4.0 

•     Terminal Handling Charges (THCs)  

•     2020 Policy Address and 2020/21 Budget Consultation 

3.  Protecting Shippers’ Interests and Protesting Unreasonable Shipping Lines’ Surcharges  

In representing and defending shippers’ interests, the Council negotiates freight rates with carriers and service providers in an open market environment.  

A sufficiently competitive market entails: transparency of charges and surcharges; the existence of cost-effective payment mechanisms; and regularly reviewed service standards.  

Issues such as documentation fees, peak season surcharges, bunker adjustment factors, currency adjustment factors, port congestion surcharges, war risk surcharges, and terminal handling charges are common points of contention between shippers and service providers.  

By involving the government and other relevant bodies, the Council can monitor and negotiate fair rates with carriers and freight forwarders.  

4. International Cooperation  

By attending and participating in a numerous international shippers’ conferences and forums, the Council can better understand the needs of its groups and best represent their needs to the government.  

These events, which cover significant industrial developments and issues throughout the world, often end in a joint declaration between attendees who share a common goal, be it fairer rates or greener credentials.  

July 13, 2020: Asian Shippers’ Alliance Annual Meeting Organised via Zoom Programme

Due to COVID-19, the Asian Shippers’ Alliance Annual Meeting was held via Zoom tele-conferencing.  

The online meeting was hosted by the Thai National Shippers’ Council. In attendance were the Hong Kong Shippers’ Council, the Indonesian National Shippers’ Council, the Malaysian National Shippers’ Council, the Korean Shippers’ Council, Shippers’ Council of Bangladesh, the European Shippers’ Council, and the Macao Shipper’s Association.    

Member shipper councils discussed and shared information over trading situations, freight markets, actions during COVID-19, and development of the Global Shipper Alliance. A joint statement was signed. 

5.  Enhancing Hong Kong’s Logistics Industry and Cementing its Position as a Leading Logistics Hub  

The Council supports the Hong Kong Government’s efforts to strengthen Hong Kong’s presence as a major logistics hub within Asia, which will bring it one step further to competing on an international level.  

To achieve this, the Council regularly attends various overseas meetings with the Hong Kong Government, all in the name of promoting our local logistics industry. The Council also accommodates many requests to make presentations locally and overseas


January 7, 2020: HKLMSA Gathering “IMO2020 Compliance” 

The Executive Director addressed some 20 HKLMSA members on topics such as Hong Kong’s maritime industry contributing towards cleaner air and reduced emissions. 

February 11, 2020: “Breakfast with Heung Shu Fai” of Metro Finance 

The Executive Director of the Council was interviewed by the signature radio programme “Breakfast with Heung Shu Fai” of Metro Finance FM on February 11, 2020. He shared his views regarding COVID-19’s impact on the logistics industry and the economy at large. 

June 3, 2020: CILT Webinar: Global Shipping and the Supply Chain 

The Executive Director addressed an audience of 200 at a CILT international webinar on global shipping and the global supply chain, and touched on how COVID will affect these industries. 

July 3, 2020: TDC Webinar: Adapting to the New Normal for Global Supply Chain 

The webinar was attended by 280 people. The Executive Director spoke about changes of future industry landscape and global supply chain. 

July 13, 2020: Asian Shippers’ Alliance (ASA) Annual Meeting  

The Executive Director was invited to make an online presentation on “Adapting to the New Normal for Global Supply Chain” at the ASA meeting in July 2020. 

September 7, 2020: Zhejiang Digital Maritime Event 

The event was organised by the Zhejiang Government, and the Executive Director was invited by Transport and Housing Bureau to speak at the event. He also made a presentation to some 300 attendants through an online conference. The topic was, “Asia Maritime Market : Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Maritime Industry”. 

September 24, 2020: International Conference on Logistics 4.0, “Transformation of Hong Kong SMEs for Logistics, Manufacturing, and Trading”  

The Chairman was invited to deliver a welcome address at the logistics 4.0 conference.   

October 21, 2020: Presentation to Zhejiang Maritime Group

A presentation on “Hong Kong’s Maritime Industry and Related Policy” was made by the Executive Director to around 120 attendants of the Zhejiang Maritime Group.

November 4, 2020: 上海政協 -《滬港開展航運租賃合作,進一步推動國際航運中心建設》課題調研報告課題視頻會議

The Council Chairman and Executive Director attended the meeting via Zoom to share their comments and joined the group discussion session. 

Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference: November 17-19, 2020 

The Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference was held from November 17-19, 2020. The Council Executive Director was invited to participate in the subsequent sessions.

November 17, 2020: Ningbo-Hong Kong Maritime Service Roundtable Meeting

The roundtable meeting was part of an ALMAC online event organised by HKTDC, The Hong Kong Shippers’ Council, and the Ningbo Bureau (寧波市服務業發展局). The meeting invited the Executive Director to give an introduction on “Hong Kong’s Maritime Industry” and moderate the discussion session.

November 19, 2020: Meet the Shippers: “Overcoming the Trade Flow Challenges Together”

This was part of an ALMAC online event. The first half of the session focus on challenges of  manufacturers/importers/exporters, and the second part on retail/e-commerce sectors. The Executive Director was invited to be a guest speaker. He shared his insights regarding “Challenges Faced by Manufacturers”. He also moderated a session entitled, “Overcoming the Trade Flow Challenges Together”.

November 26, 2020: HKU SPACE College of Business and Finance Live Streaming Seminar: “境自強物流業的前瞻與新趨勢”  

The Executive Director was invited to give a presentation on “境自強物流業的前瞻與新趨勢”.

6. Training Courses  

Over the years, the Council has organised a number of bespoke training courses, seminars, and visits to logistical sites such as ports and airports. These visits are tailored to shippers and allow them to not only gain valuable industrial knowledge, but keep abreast of the latest developments within the region. 

Certificate in Shipping and Logistics Course

The Council organised the Certificate in Shipping and Logistics Course with the HKU School Professional and Continuing Education, also known as HKU Space. 

The aim was to provide industry practitioners and new entrants with a comprehensive training programme that covered the basics of shipping and logistics operations. This also allowed them to build an academic progression path for practitioners to achieve higher academic and professional qualifications. 

The programme covered topics such as: the carriage of goods by sea, air, and land; dangerous goods cargo handling; cargo insurance; trade documentation; e-commerce and e-shipping; procurement and supply chain management; and logistics strategy. 

Visits to Kwai Chung Container Terminal and Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal Ltd. were an integral part of the curriculum. 

June 30, 2020: Marine Insurance Workshops Second (2nd) Session

This is a joint workshop with the Hong Kong Logistics Management Staff Association, China Taiping Insurance (HK) Company Ltd., C.Y. Tung International Centre for Maritime Studies (ICMS), and the Hong Kong Shippers’ Council.

The workshop was intended for those who have recently begun their journey into the maritime industry and are interested in enriching their knowledge in marine insurance. 67 people attended via Zoom.

The Council, partnered with the Hong Kong Productivity Council, organised a series of free online conference and seminars in late September to discuss the possibility of business transformation for SMEs; the latest technologies; and the future trends of logistics, manufacturing, and trading industries. Over 400 participants attended. The respective seminars and conferences were held on the following dates:

September 24, 2020: International Conference on Logistics 4.0 “Transformation of Hong Kong SMEs for Logistics, Manufacturing, and Trading” 

September 29, 2020: Seminar: Business Model Innovations for Logistics 

September 30, 2020: Seminar: Advantage of Logistics 4.0 for Hong Kong Logistics, Manufacturing, and Trading Industry in the Future of Supply Chain Enhancement


October 23, 2020: The 25th Macao International Trade & Investment Fair, Macao 

The Hong Kong Shippers’ Council, co-organised with the Macao Shippers’ Association, hosted a session focusing on post-COVID trading and logistics developments.

This session was part of the 25th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF) funded by the Macao government. The Council recruited 3 speakers for the seminar and around 20 online attendants. The Executive Director moderated the seminar. The seminar has held in-person at the Venetian Hotel in Macao with around 100 attendants. 

November 18, 2020: Seminar on Adopting of Automation, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Logistics and the Supply Chain 

The Council jointly organised with HKTDC a session of the Supply Chain Management Forum at Asian Logistics, Maritime, and Aviation Conference (ALMAC) on November 18. The theme of the session was, “Adopting of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Logistics and the Supply Chain”. The seminar attracted over 520 participants. 

December 15, 2020: Webinar on DG Awareness with a Focus on Lithium Batteries

In response to the adjusted requirements for shipping dangerous goods (DG) — including lithium battery by air - the Council co-organised a dedicated webinar with the Carrier Liaison Group (CLG), Hongkong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Ltd (HAFFA), and the Transport and Logistics Training Board: Vocational Training Council (VTC). 

The aim was to raise the awareness of this portion of industry. Therefore, practitioners in this area can enforce even safer air cargo transport measures.

Representatives of the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) and CLG provided attendees an overview of the new requirements. 

December 22, 2020: Webinar on “New Electricity System for Refrigerated Containers”

The webinar was jointly organised by the Council and the Hong Kong Logistics Management Association. The webinar informed attendees of the development of a new electricity system for refrigerated containers. It also shed light on new business opportunities in this area.

7. Promulgating News and Messages to Shippers and the Industry 

As well as posting regular updates to its official website, the Council also sends regular updates to its members. This is so our members are made aware of vital changes that take place in what is considered to be a mercurial industry. 

Similarly, our bi-monthly publication Shippers Today features in-depth articles and reports on the latest developments in the logistics, maritime, and aviation industries.

Starting from 2021, Shippers Today will be published quarterly instead of bi-monthly. It is also available online at HKTDC Research.