Events and Activities

29 Nov 2019

港珠澳大橋開通後,往來粵港澳三地的時間大大縮短,促進了香港、澳門和珠三角西部的物流業發展。應澳門國際機場專營股份有限公司之邀,香港貨運物流業協會(HAFFA)及香港付貨人委員會(HKSC) 將於11 月28 日率團參觀澳門國際機場,並與當地二十多位航空公司及物流業界代表共進晚餐,加強交流溝通,開拓業務商機。

IATA Dangerous Goods (Practical) Certification Course (for Cat 1.3.6 Personnel)

It is a requirement by law that comprehensive and approved training must be given to all personnel involved in handling of dangerous goods. This in-depth program could provide practical skills and techniques to participant in the handling of dangerous goods........

Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of a Container

The amendment to SOLAS Chapter VI, Regulation 2 regarding the verified gross mass of a container carrying cargo (packed container) was effective globally on 1 July 2016.